Probably the best parental control system for Firefox



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If you want to protect your children from the content they can find over internet, Glubble is probably the best choice. It runs under Firefox and is totally customizable.

We have tested lots of parental control systems and Glubble has surprised us! It is amazing. The first thing you have to do is to download Glubble and create an account (that will take you no more than 30 seconds) and the next time you will start Firefox, it will be ready to protect your children.

When you create the account you sign up as administrator and add the other users. You are who decide what they will see when they will surf the web. In fact when they want to enter a certain website which is not allowed they can automatically ask you if they can access and the next time you will use internet, you will decide if you will agree or disagree. Write on the Family wall,...

It customizes the browser to make it more child-friendly and restricts the sites and searches youngsters can access to those which are recognized as being trustworthy. Every user has their own account, which they need to log into before they can use the browser.

It is marvelous! If you want to protect your family and control the use of internet on your computer you need Glubble.
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